"RealPro Advantage “Book of Business App”

is designed for active, productive Real Estate Agents."



Taking a listing has never been easier or more impressive. Our App allows you to speed through the data entry process by using a combination of keyboard inputs, pop-up's and dictation to enter information. The App contains several picture fields that are directly linked to the devices built-in camera.


After all information is entered, pictures taken, click the Signature Button and the filled-in listing agreement appears on the screen for review by your client. Once reviewed by your client they simply tap into the Signature Field and sign using their finger or styles.


Create a variety of flyers instantly. If the prospect is trying to sell "By Owner", the agent can provide a gift in the form of a High-Light Sheet that can be e-mailed in a PDF format. All the flyers are printable or can be emailed in a PDF format instantly.


Automatically all listing data and pictures are synchronized with our SQL server and can be syndicated to portals of your choice or served to your personal or company website. The listing can be published to the Internet before you walk out the door.



The App has a full contact database. Working with Buyers, is a dream come true. Want to meet at a local coffee shop, no problem, just enter your buyer's info into the contact database, press a button and present the buyer with the proper disclosures and buyer representation agreements.


They can sign all documents right on the I-Pad. With the MLS integration* potential buyers can browse through available inventory on your I-Pad. If they want to see a property all they need to do is tap the "Show Me" button. Instantly the listing is texted messaged to your cell phone. Tap the link in the text message and you will be redirected via your mobile browser to a private web page that contains all of the listing information including showing instructions and contact information.


Tap the phone number, your cell phone will dial the number and connect you with the listing office so you can schedule your appointment.



When guests enter your Open House they are registered using the Apps Open House Module. Contact records are automatically created. All Open House information is connected to the listing. When asking a seller for a price adjustment or an extension on your listing it is very easy.


Use our ID scanner to scan attendee's photo ID. Make your case by presenting the homeowner with a list of every open house you conducted along with the dates, times and names of every person that came through the open house.



As mentioned previously, with the MLS module you will have access to all MLS information.


Login information is automatically stored so there is no need to keep entering login information.


Custom search screen allows for complex searches.



App is equipped with a feature rich Ancillary Service Providers database. Client asks for a good home stager, the information is just a tap away. Once displayed on the screen, tap a button and email the requested information to your client in real time. Not only are the client needs being served, the Ancillary Service Provider is copied in the email, Ancillary Service Providers will know you are the source of the referral. All versions come with Ancillary Service Providers pre-loaded however, you can add additional providers and delete ones you don't want.



The App will record offers, deal information and tie it to a specific listing.

With a tap of the screen you can see the status of all offers, pending and closed information.


Need to send an email to a party of the transaction, no problem, just tap on their email address to create a new email message.


Of course your email program will keep track of all emails sent and received


This App will truly become your “Book of Business”

- Access Your MLS -

- Manage Contacts -

- Manage Your Listings -

- Manage Your Transactions -

- Conduct Secure Open Houses -

- Have Signed all Document Disclosures -

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