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RealPro AdvantageĀ®

 is an Agent Tracking /Market Share program that allows Broker/Owners and Managers to strategically identify trends. Once identified the program allows you to connect with the potential agents on most social media venues including FACEBOOK and Twitter


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The three most important things when buying Real Estate are Location, Location, Location.

The three most important things in the successful operation of a Real Estate office are Recruit, Recruit, Recruit.


This new recruiting program brought to you by RealPro Training and Consulting will help broker owners and branch managers achieve outstanding results in the hiring of seasoned sales professionals.


The foundation of this program is the data contained within the program. Our data contains home address as well as business, we also provide email address and in many cases cell phone numbers.


When using our program you will be able to search for associates by name, company, office city, home city and many other variations. With the click of a button you will be able to add an agent to your contact manager, create mailing labels, download an email list and find them on Facebook.


Joseph Sabella has over a quarter century experience in the real estate brokerage and technology business. This program is designed for simple effective results.


"Designed Specifically For Broker Owners and Managers."



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